H e r o i c v i t i c u l t u r e f r o m t h e b e a u t i f u l A x a r q u i a l a n d s c a p e

The Winery

Axarquia as a way of life

Fabio Coullet Winery was born as a personal project full of passion and life

As a result of my love for agronomy and oenology and marked by the personality of the Axarquia region of Malaga, I decided to create a unique oenological project. A project in which the wines, always from native varieties, are full of nuances due to the orography of the land, the different exposures of the plots and the warm and sweet climate that prevails in the region. All these particularities make of the heroic viticulture and the autochthonous varieties the raison d’être of the winery.

The Vineyards

Betting on the autochthonous varieties

Axarquia is a unique place.  Located to the east of Malaga, surrounded by steep mountains with slate soils in different states of decomposition and a clearly sweet and Mediterranean climate where the air smells of the sea, pines, oaks, fennel and rosemary. A landscape where we can find the Moscatel of Alexandria as the queen variety, but also the Pedro Ximénez, the Doradilla or the Garnacha… and the most native and almost extinct grape of Malaga: the Romé, of which there are only a little more than five hectares in Malaga and in the world.

A territory full of contrasts, ranging from high snowy mountains to beaches with a purely Mediterranean climate, which generates different microclimates, as well as slopes in our vineyards that in some cases can reach 70% slope. A place where harvesting becomes an adventure.

The wines

· People, terroir and grapes ·

After much meditation on what characteristics are essential to define a good wine, we came to the conclusion that the three fundamental pillars are the people, the terroir and the grape.

And we are very clear that this is the order: The people, because their experiences are reflected in the particular vision when it comes to treating the vineyard and their wisdom has been passed down for generations, creating a unique culture that is reflected in our wines.

The terroir, because it will endow the wine with the particular characteristics of its terroir, including not only the properties of the soil, but also the hours of sunshine, the slope, the gradient and the orientation, forming particular microclimates.

And finally and only at the end, the grape, being the autochthonous varieties the ones that can best express the characteristics of the two previous pillars, thus completing the circle, making an oenology of respect for the terroir, oenology of minimum intervention for all our wines, where the variety stands out above all and the will to obtain sincere, honest wines, faithful representation of the territory where they live.

Rome Conte

100% Romé grown in goblet in dry farming, from a single plot at the foot of the Sierra Tejeda in the village of Salares, in a landscape of rugged relief crossed by numerous ravines and with peaks above 1,500 meters above sea level, where its unique soils in the Axarquia, formed by granite with schist intercalations, give the wine a lot of minerality.

Orange Peels

100% Muscat of Alexandria. Vines tilled and harvested by hand in boxes of 11 kilos. During vinification, the grapes are macerated with their skins at a controlled temperature, then pressed and left to settle in clay amphorae with their lees for a year.


100% Garnacha from Axarquia. Fresh and mediterranean, heroic viticulture on hillsides with slopes with gradients of more than 70%, harvested by hand and taken from the plots on the shoulders of mules. and by the force of mules, these grapes are harvested at the maximum point of expression of their terroir, fermented in stainless steel tanks with a percentage of stalks and the rest whole grapes, taking care the rest whole berries, taking maximum care of the freshness of the fruit and then is refined in French oak barrels of 500 liters used for at least 4 months.


100% Moscatel de Alejandría, coming from a goblet-grown, dry-farmed vineyard.

This wine shows the refinement of the Moscatel grape from the plot known as “Villazo” aged in French oak barrels. Manual harvest in boxes of 11 kilos, slow fermentation at low temperature with wild yeasts to preserve the aromatic freshness of this differentiated “climat” of the Axarquia in Malaga.


Secuencial is a sensory journey through Malaga. A landscape wine, which perfectly reflects both varieties that compose it: Doradilla, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel de Alejandría, as well as the Mediterranean landscape itself, full of freshness and aromas that each of the terroirs of the province of Málaga.

Moscatel from the mountains of the Axarquia, Pedro Ximenez in the highest areas of Los Montes de Málaga and Doradilla coming from the highlands of Molina.


Old Andalusian wines, Indonesian spices and other botanicals give shape to this Vermouth of unique flavor and texture, aged in old American oak casks.


The late harvesting and the traditional grape sunning are part of the agricultural and cultural heritage of our land, and give a unique and unrepeatable personality to the sweet wines of Malaga, considered for a long time as the best sweet wines in the world.

A heritage that has been passed down from father to son from time immemorial to the present day.

Infusión Pét-Nat

Rosé made with our Muscat grapes infused with Grenache skins
that give it its unique colour.


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