Enjoy wine tourism at Bodega Fabio Coullet 

Enjoy wine tourism at Bodega Fabio Coullet 

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In recent years, the boom of gastronomic tourism, and more specifically wine tourism, has been such that it has come to be considered as a typology worthy of study by the different organizations dedicated to the safeguarding and improvement of tourism, as would be the case of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization).

At Bodega Fabio Coullet we are aware of this interest and, besides wanting to create different, personal and soulful wines that transmit our passion for wine, we want to transmit to our visitors the love we have for wine.

We want to show our land, the terroir, show the hard working conditions in our vineyards located on land with a slope, in many cases, of 70%; we want to show the processes of making ‘still wines’ with minimal intervention both in the vineyard and in the winery; we want you to taste our wines with us at your side, to explain their body and soul…

Thus, we have designed a series of proposals for visits in which we spend a great time among friends, while we immerse ourselves in the exciting world of wine without losing sight of the beauty of the Sierras de Málaga and its gentle breeze, which appears as a guest artist at the show.

Our proposals

Liquid Landscapes

In this visit we want to show you how to enjoy the beautiful landscape of La Axarquía in our wines.

To do this we will make a journey through the life of the wine, in which we will begin by welcoming the visitor with a quick explanation and tasting, to continue with a visit to one of our estates, where we will discover the steep slopes where the climate and the territory, mold the fruit of the vine.

Finally, we will finish the visit by returning to the winery where the enotourist will be able to learn about all our winemaking processes to conclude with a paired tasting of our first three references: ‘Secuencial’, ‘Villazo’ and ‘Ingénito’.

Details of the visit:

Visiting hours: Last Saturday of each month at 11.30am.

Approximate duration: 2h30m.

Price: 35€/person.

Make your reservation now!

Discovering the winery

In this visit, tourists will be able to discover our winemaking processes and taste our wines, through a tour in which they will learn about the different vinifications that we apply to the different wines of Bodega Fabio Coullet

This visit begins with a tasting of our white wines and their differences in terms of creation processes, to conclude with a tasting of our red wine, ‘Ingénito’, accompanying these tastings with a cold pairing.

Details of the visit:

Visiting hours: Saturdays at 11.00h and 13.00h.

Approximate duration: 1h30m.

Price: 15€/person.

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‘A la carte’ visit

Remember those ‘Choose your own adventure’ children’s books? Well, this is the same case where the limit is set by your own imagination.

Special anniversaries, birthdays, company incentives, family celebrations… all this and much more, has a place in our winery. 

At Bodega Fabio Coullet we put our facilities and wines at the visitor’s disposal, to make a visit to suit your needs. From a dinner in the winery itself paired with our wines, to being able to enjoy our landscape and the winery exclusively for you and yours.

All you have to do is propose us and we will study how to make your idea come true!

To arrange any of these visits, write us at info@bodegafabiocoullet, call 650 20 26 75 or go to our website and fill out the form at the bottom of the web.


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