New wines from Málaga

New wines from Málaga

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When a few years ago Málaga wines were mentioned, it was inevitable that the general public would think of those sweet, warm and golden muscatel wines, as well as the sweet and liquorish Pedro Ximénez wines. Wines from Málaga and in general, from the south of Spain, which used to be consumed to accompany desserts, but new times bring new trends and fashions, and the new Malaga wines, of which our winery is a clear example, could not be left behind.

In recent times we are living a revolution and these varieties, traditionally sweet, are giving way to different vinifications, looking for other types of wines, always respecting tradition, but moving away from sweet wines. Still wines or drier styles. Yes, dry muscatels that even go through barrels, as a clear example of our Villazo wine, in order to achieve breadth in the mouth, complexity and a surprising depth that leaves no one indifferent.

And we will not only find the Muscat variety in single varietals. Also in coupages. Coupages that may include native varieties in the process of recovery, another growing trend in the beautiful land of Malaga, as would be the case of Doradilla, a variety that has been very close to extinction and from which are also being developed unique single varietals.

As for the red varieties, the focus is on fresher and more Mediterranean styles, in the image of other Spanish winegrowing areas. Thus we can find fresh and ‘crisp’ garnachas (we say that a wine is crisp when it has a well-marked but pleasant and well-integrated acidity) that surprise with their character and freshness.

In reds, we can also talk about the recovery of varieties, as would be the case of the ‘Romé’ or ‘Romé tinta’, one of the most unique native varieties and of which we will soon announce a surprise from our winery.

And all these novelties and trends can be found in the wines of Málaga and the beautiful land of Almáchar. Thus, you can find a fresh Mediterranean Garnacha, our Ingénito, a 100% Garnacha de la Axarquía. A wonderful exponent of these new Málaga wines with a variety rejected by many producers until now, worked with great care and looking for a fresh wine, despite having a brief refining in French oak barrels of 500 liters for at least 4 months.

And if you want to know the new trends in Málaga white wines, we can recommend our Villazo, 100% Muscat of Alexandria dry style, pure refinement of the Muscat grape, tremendously fresh and aromatic despite having been aged in French oak barrels. Or our Secuencial, a journey in stages where the varieties that compose it are perfectly reflected: Doradilla, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel de Alejandría, as well as the Mediterranean landscape itself, full of freshness and aromas that each of the terroirs of the province of Malaga represent.

And you, what do you think about these new fashions and trends? Have you already let yourself be conquered by the wines of the D.O. Málaga and the wines of the Axarquia? No? And what are you doing that you have not yet come to know our winery and the beautiful Axarquia?

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