Villazo: A Muscatel with a (real)  difference

Villazo: A Muscatel with a (real)  difference

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Surely you have tasted Muscatel wines, many or few, but also surely most of them, were wines that tended to sweet flavors. These styles of vinifying Muscat grapes are giving way to a new generation of dry and elegant Muscatel wines.

Our Villazo belongs to this new wave of muscatels, which is made from one of the most representative grapes of the P.D.O. Sierras de Málaga, the Muscatel, and is vinified with minimal intervention and aged in new French oak barrels, which gives it refinement and elegance. 

The name of our wine comes from the vineyard where the grapes come from, known as ‘Villazo’, a faithful representation of the rugged terroirs of the Axarquia in Malaga, with slopes of up to 70%, where the vines are grown in goblet and dry farming.

To maintain the high potential and aromatic load, the Muscat grapes destined for our Villazo are harvested in mid-August, so that they express a perfect balance of sugars, acidity and pH, manually in boxes of 11 kilos to maintain the maximum integrity of the clusters before their arrival at the winery.

As for the vinification of our wine, as we have mentioned, it is carried out under processes of minimum intervention, without clarification, without cold treatments or microfiltration, resorting to the use of indigenous yeasts from the vineyard itself, to preserve the aromatic freshness of this differentiated “climat” of the Axarquia in Malaga.

Another differentiating feature of our Villazo, in addition to its dry style, is its aging, which is carried out in new 225-liter French oak barrels before being lightly filtered and bottled.

The result is a silky yet mineral wine with a nose of fresh rose, vineyard peach, tea aromas and a subtle coconut aroma, with hints of toast. On the palate the wine is ample and big, with a remarkable weight that envelops the whole mouth, but with a nice acidity that gives it verticality. 

Villazo is a 100% Muscatel that goes incredibly well with soft cheeses, it pairs excellently with Mediterranean blue fish such as anchovies or sardines, red tuna, shellfish, seafood paella, baked white meats or even to accompany a Malaga goat.

Don’t be the last to try Villazo, and make your purchase in our on-line store.

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