Doradilla: the white variety from Malaga in danger of extinction

Doradilla: the white variety from Malaga in danger of extinction

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Doradilla is a white variety native to the northern area of the Malaga and Sierras de Malaga Denomination of Origin that currently, together with the Romé red variety, both native to Malaga, is in serious danger of extinction as only five hectares remain in Spain, concentrated in the north of the province, a grape that historically was used in coupages with other varieties to which it contributed nuances of fruitiness and creaminess.

As for the characteristics of this grape, it grows on upright vines with medium-sized clusters, small and spherical berries, thin skin with a yellowish-green hue, large amounts of sugar, correct acidity, good production levels and high yields.

As for the wines made with this grape, they are wines with a golden hue, correct acidity and good length, which can be young or aged, and are usually blended with other varieties such as Moscatel.

At Fabio Coullet winery, aware of the situation of near extinction of this variety and following our philosophy of betting on local varieties, we use this grape when making one of our wines: Sequential.


Secuencial is a wine that pours over the glass, the beautiful landscapes of the Sierras de Málaga, through the three varieties that make up its blend: Doradilla from the lands of Mollina, Pedro Ximénez in the highest areas of Los Montes de Málaga and Moscatel de Alejandría from the mountains of the Axarquía.

A wine with delicate citrus notes of grapefruit and orange peel and hints of rose petals and white flowers. All of them, accompanied by precious aromas of Mediterranean infusions that join the notes of fennel and aniseed, typical of the area. A delicious wine full of freshness and breadth, with a good acidity that allows its pairing with white meats, rice dishes such as seafood paella, grilled chicken, tuna or a sumptuous fish dish.

If you want to know more about Secuencial, visit our post about our wine and if you want to know what the mountains and hills of Malaga taste like, visit our Online Store, and get one of the little more than 9,000 bottles of our most special white wine.

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