Pack “Bodega al Completo”

Through this lot, you will be able to take a complete taste journey through all the dry wines from our winery: · We recommend starting the journey with Secuencial, made with muscatels from the mountains of Axarquía, Pedro Ximénez in the highest areas of Los Montes from Málaga and Doradilla from the highlands of Molina · We would continue with Villazo, 100% Moscatel de Alejandría, from glass and dry cultivation. · Then we would move on to the freshness of Ingénito, our Garnacha wine full of freshness and color. · Before finishing the trip, we would enjoy Orange Peels, 100% Muscat of Alexandria in a white “with red vinification”, after maceration with its skins, pressing and resting in amphorae with its own lees for a year. · We finish with Romé-Conte. A wine limited to just under 700 bottles of the curious Romé variety, grown in dry land, from a low layer and a wine as special as La Axarquía.